Learning on the go

As most medics have to fit in their CPD (continual professional development) around seeing patients, meetings and life in general, there is a wealth of professional podcasts on offer. Although some of these are quite specialised, many of them use easily understandable language with explanation of specialist terms used to make them accessible to all types of medics and therefore the general public prepared to learn about a specific topic.

Some examples of podcasts which anyone can listen to are:

Screenshot 2019-03-11 13.26.19Hypothermia  – The Resus Room. A combination of prehospital and ER doctors talk about how to deal with low temperatures with real life references backed up by the scientific papers. This and other topics covered mean you get the true version of ER.

The latest Evidence Based Medicine review of papers.  For any data scientists this is where to hear how your output will be analysed by clinicians…so you can preempt the criticisms.

Screenshot 2019-03-11 13.24.36MDTea podcasts – A multidisciplinary team talk about different topics affecting older patients including cancer, trauma, prostate issues and polypharmacy (use of many medications). Accessible to all and interest to any one who has personal or professional contact with older people but also an introduction to understanding how doctors work with many other different professionals.

Screenshot 2019-03-11 13.30.32The Good GP covers a wide variety of themes from measles to #AI in General Practise. Learn the posibilites offered by #AI in General Practice and for the #healthtech people a thought provoking talk about the real life challenges that need to be overcome. Also covers health records.



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