10 minute podcast updates

Sometimes reading a blog post or an article is hard to fit in. Try getting your updates with these podcasts in ENGLISH. An introduction to the GDPR for doctors. The difference between anonymisation and pseudoanonymisation in health data – stay compliant with GDPR. Polypharmacy. Communicating with patients.

When can you (temporarily) skip the medical data protection?

Health data is by definition and function sensitive data, but as anyone seeing patients knows, it is not always practical to get consent when treating a sick patient. It is not necessary to encrypt or anonymise patient data if: The patient as given express consent. It is in the vital interest of the patient, and… Read More When can you (temporarily) skip the medical data protection?

Sharing & transferring health data

When you share patient data as a doctor, for example, referring your patient to a cardiologist colleague, you are ‘disclosing personal data’. You don’t have to disclose the transfer of the information to the patient or data subject if you are still respecting professional confidentiality. The receiver or recipient of this data then becomes the… Read More Sharing & transferring health data

Data protection for app developers & large organisations.

You may think that ensuring compliance with data protection in a large organisation is even harder than in a smaller clinic. However, it can be the complete opposite as you may find yourself having to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who takes over this role. Whether you need to do this or not will… Read More Data protection for app developers & large organisations.